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On the agenda in November

On Tuesday, November 29th from 7 to 8 pm Gerry Kiffe from the ULT Los Angeles will give a talk for the weekly meeting of the TS in the Ojai Valley. Everyone is welcome.

The subject of Gerry’s talk is:
Emerson on the Over-soul and the Secret Doctrine
HP Blavatsky praises Ralph Waldo Emerson’s conception of the Over-Soul as a fitting representation of several crucial theosophical ideas. We shall explore Emerson’s Essay on The Over-Soul, its relation to the theosophical concept of Alaya (The World Soul) and its meaning and relevance to the living a spiritual life.

The meeting is free and takes place at Krotona School building, 46 Krotona Hill, Ojai, CA 93023-3901. For information you can contact Olga Omlin at july25leo[at]