The board met met once in September, twice in October and once in November. In the last meeting, one of the organizers on location, Nancy Bragin, was present.

Resolved during the September 2016 meeting:

  • Treasurer David Grosman reported on the financial statistics from the 2016 Santa Barbara conference. The total conference costs): $47,695.00
    The total money taken in including donations: $44,192.00 (Registration & lodging: $41,567. Donations: $ 2,625) ITC also supported 8 attendees with scholarships totaling $3,353.00
    There was a shortfall (deficit) of $3,503.00
    ITC had existing funds to cover the deficit.
    ITC has in its’ bank account on Sept. 17, 2016: $2,131.00
    ITC spent more than was received. Thanks to the donations we balanced out.
  • The board explored possible locations for ITC conferences for the coming years. There should be a local team that can support and be responsible for at least the logistics. The board preferred for ITC 2017 to further explore Philadelphia. A local team is available there to help. The board is responsible for the theme and for the program content, the organization of breakouts and speakers.
  • The board acknowledges the urgency of building a new website that accommodates the need of ITC in the near future. A new URL, layout, and a new email address will be released all at the same time. Erwin’s team presents several layouts. The board will decide on a new lay out in a later meeting.
  • The Secretary will prepare a request to the members to renew/confirm their membership. The board will design a membership renewal procedure.
  • The Secretary will sent the draft Minutes of the membership meeting of 2015 to the members and ask their approval. This is necessary because at the membership meeting in Santa Barbara there was no quorum.

Resolved during the first October 2016 meeting:

  • Herman visited Philadelphia and together with Tom Kehoe and Nancy Bragin looked at seven possible locations for ITC 2017. These were discussed in the board. Negotiations with preferred locations will take place.
  • The board discussed the theme for ITC 2017. Questions on the purpose of ITC 2017, subjects that would fit the purpose and formats that should be chosen were raised and discussed. Board members will think of possible themes and titles.

Resolved during the second October 2016 meeting:

  • The board decided on a working title for ITC 2017: “A Nucleus of Brotherhood – World’s Healing Force. Bringing harmony to a divided humanity by studying and working together”. All board members study the meaning of the word nucleus and discuss this in the next meeting.
  • An analysis of the evaluation forms of ITC 2017 was made and discussed. The main points are:
  • Study circles and working in small groups should stay.
  • The young people present were happy with the meeting.
  • ITC conferences should somehow be accessible to everybody: mostly by using ordinary language.
  • The board discussed ways to engage ITC members. Suggestions for providing a working space enabling members to communicate and work together in between  conferences will be further explored. Also the concept of delegates was further discussed. The board will identify what training and skills are needed for volunteers and delegates and communicate this with the membership. First action will be an article in The Bee explaining the idea of delegates.
  • The board decided to prepare a publication of ITC 2016, consisting of ta selection of the presentations, some of the reading material, reports on ITC 2016 and photos.

Resolved during the November 2016 meeting:

  • Board members studied the meaning of the word nucleus in theosophical literature and found that HPB called it a center around which brotherhood can form.

The board unanimously decided upon the title for ITC 2017:

A Nucleus of Universal Brotherhood – World’s Healing Force
Bringing harmony to a divided humanity by studying and working together

  • The team in Philadelphia has received offers from the preferred venue. Nancy and ITC officers will have in a Skype meeting with the contact person.
  • The support team in Philadelphia will collect information on accommodations in Philadelphia.
  • Board members have researched the ITC 2016 contributions and made a list of contributions that will be part of the publication. Next step will be to contact speakers and ask for their cooperation.
  • A concept procedure for the renewal of ITC membership was written and discussed.

Members who wish to learn about the board meetings in more detail, please contact us.