Last November all members of ITC, received an e-mail from our Secretary, requesting them to confirm their membership. This is the first time since ITC became a membership organization in 2008. This year you can confirm your membership by replying to the e-mail sent to you.

From 2017 a procedure will be in place to enable you to yearly renew your membership by filling out a Annual Membership Renewal Form that will be placed on the ITC website. Renewal of your membership will involve answering some feedback questions.

Members, who do not confirm and renew their membership, take the risk of having their membership cancelled.

Why does ITC require members to renew their membership every year? 

By renewing your membership, you are supporting ITC as follows:

  1. Your renewal makes it possible that all those who support the goals and purposes of ITC are registered, and that ITC’s database is accurate and up to date. This contributes to building an active community of Theosophists collaborating.
  2. You also provide valuable feedback to ITC’s Board, which is essential to improve its work such as the organization of the annual ITC conference

What is the deadline for confirming membership?

The deadline is December 31. Members who did not take action will receive a reminder, and they will have an additional 30 days to confirm their membership. If a member has not taken action within those 30 days, his or her membership will be cancelled.

Why does ITC not charge fees for renewal of membership?

As to this date ITC does not charge any dues from its members for renewal of their membership. The costs for organizing the annual conference in August are covered by registration fees paid by the participants and through donations from the local organizer.

For scholarships, PR activities – website, newsletter, video – ITC entirely depends on donations from its members.

The renewal of your membership is a perfect moment for you to decide whether you want to be a financial sponsor of ITC. You will find a Donation Form on the website