Resolved during the December 2016 meeting:

  • In order to make the conference affordable for as many people as possible, the conference-costs per person, including overnights and meals should not exceed $560.00. The venues explored so far in Philadelphia turned out to be too expensive. Nancy and Helena were asked to explore the Quakers center, which is one block away from the Constitution Center.
  • Goals for the ITC 2017 conference were discussed. All agree that participants study what HPB meant by a nucleus of universal brotherhood, that interaction and cross-pollination between theosophical groups be intensified, and that there will be take-aways as a result of the conference
  • Digital improvements in progress:
    • a contact form on the new website. We hope this will reduce spam.
    • we are working on an annual membership renewal form, which will come into effect next year.

Resolved during the January 2017 meeting:

  • The board decided to rent the Quaker’s Friends Center for the conference. Prices are reasonable and their caterer can provide vegetarian/vegan meals. The registration fee including lunches and dinners was set at $ 180.00 per person.
  • The board decided that the program will include a presentation on the spiritual background of the founding of the US and US constitution.
  • A recommendation was made for the program structure to be something like:
  1. Study circles
  2. Challenge circles (independently or as part 2 of a study circle topic). This would include practical solutions which work towards Universal Brotherhood involving all theosophists in their endeavors to reach out to the world.
  3. To establish a working document or declaration that moves towards A living Nucleus of Universal Brotherhood, for theosophists and globally. 

Resolved during the February 2017 meeting:

  • The treasurer reports that a down payment for the venue was made. So far, about 16 people have registered for the conference.
  • Further ideas on “musts” and “welcomes” for the conference were discussed.
    Discussion on cross-pollination options: Have we fully realized cross-pollination in ITC conferences? The conclusion is that ITC’s job is to facilitate people to cross-pollinate. The focus is in sharing insights. This cannot be understood if you do not participate. You have to experience it. The purpose of cross-pollination is that all can perform the task to bring across the notion to fellow human beings, of what brotherhood is about.
  • As soon as the structure of the program is final, the membership will be asked to get involved, suggesting reading material for the study circles.

Resolved during the March 2017 meeting:

  • This year we are aiming to direct the conference towards the Philadelphia 2017 Declaration. This declaration should take ITC into the direction of a more structured cooperation during and between the yearly conferences.
  • The general outline of the conference was discussed and approved. Talks and study circles revolve around questions about a nucleus, universal brotherhood and a healing force. Focus will be on how to define the functioning of, and the practical application.
    The board will start looking for speakers and moderators, selecting reading material and organizing a visit to the National Constitutional Center.


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