Approval of proposed amendment of article 8.3 of the Bylaws

During the Membership meeting of 2015 (The Hague), the members asked the Board for a change in the wording of article 8.3 of the Bylaws. Members preferred the term for a director elected by the Board to fill a vacancy to expire at the next Membership Meeting. During the Membership meeting of 2016 (Santa Barbara) the Board presented a text proposal. This could not be brought up for voting, due to the fact that there was no quorum available at that meeting.

It was agreed that the members would be asked to vote by email or at the ITC Conference in Philadelphia. 78 members voted. This means there was a quorum. 100% voted YES on the proposed text. The Bylaws will be amended accordingly.

It is encouraging that so many members (65%) have showed their involvement with ITC and its purposes by voting.