Philadelphia Declaration: Theosophy in Action

During ITC 2017 in Philadelphia, USA, the City of Brotherly Love, conference participants expressed their desire to “undertake action.” In other words: awakening theosophical wisdom and shaping it into a tangible form, applying it through practical deeds, instead of simply sharing it philosophically or intellectually amongst themselves.

As a result, The ITC Philadelphia Declaration*, evolved as an outline for all the participants’ wishes, reflecting this desire. In brief its primarily aim is to identify global topics of major human concerns and suffering (Hot Topics), study these topics, but further also reflect on them in the light of theosophical core principles and solutions. Secondarily, the intent is to develop means for the expression and application of distinctive theosophical solutions for the world at large, as possible suggestions and offerings.

An additional and important phase of this includes the translation of these solutions into modern language, that would reach people in today’s world for practical implementation. Ultimately these “solutions” will be offered to, and shared with all who are interested, including Lodges, to be used as best seen fit in the various global regions of need, obviously modified to suit cultures and peoples.

*The Philadelphia Declaration

We commit ourselves to facilitate the creation of working conferences harnessing the unique genius of the various theosophical streams, by:

  1. identifying suffering/hot topics that need a solution from theosophical perspective
  2. studying and contemplating the theosophical teachings and selecting the relevant principles
  3. translating these into modern language/ putting these into context
  4. developing pure and simple applications (products)
  5. inspire, encourage or facilitate theosophical branches or organizations to enter the arena*, to offer these solutions

“we have it in our power to begin the world over again”
– Th. Paine

The Letter of The Maha Chohan