ITC’s Board met on December 16th, January 27th, February 24th, March 24th and April 28th.

Resolved during the Board meetings

  • Options for the venue in Berlin were discussed. The package includes lunches. Participants can choose for an option that includes dinner as well. Hotel bookings can be done directly by the participants, using the code ITC.
  • Discussion about the topics for the conference. In Berlin we will focus on working together to find ways to approach problems people are facing nowadays. Main purpose is to help people to develop ways to come to a buddhic attitude in life.

  • Task for Berlin: identify what are the gaps we need to bridge, between what people usually think of a subject and what theosophical teachings say. How to work out a Buddhic vision?

  • Discussion about the structure of the conference:
    This should be organized along the lines “Understanding the problem” – “Analyze causes from theosophical point of view” – “Search for solutions” – Translate into a language everybody can relate to”.

  • Choice of topics: In the light of the title ”What is a life worth living” serious problems that many people are trying to deal with are: Religious intolerance, Depression, and End of life issues

  • Decision to work in study groups again and will ask the members to contribute readings and study these beforehand.
  • Discussion about the draft program. The board feels that the process of understanding the hot topics from a theosophical point of view is intense. It is important that each topic needs a day of joint study and discussion. Therefore in Berlin there will be one keynote on Thursday, and no other talks. On Sunday, after lunch there will be the opportunity to go on a boat excursion that allows the participants to exchange.
  • Discussion on the seats in the board. The board received indications that the high number of board members from one mainstream gives rise to concern. ITC is an Impartial Platform for the facilitation of sharing the genius of each, in the spirit of Cross Pollination. This is what most participants of the conferences experience.
    The ideal is that background of individuals is not relevant. On the other hand, the board wants to take the signals seriously and wants to look for ways in which all theosophists will feel represented.