“What the student has first to do is to comprehend these axioms and, by employing the deductive method, to proceed from universals to particulars. He has then to reason from the “known to the unknown”, and see if the inductive method of proceeding from the particulars to universals supports those axioms.”
– Damodar K. Mavalankar

Here is how we can prepare for this year’s ITC Conference in Berlin— dedicated to exploring possible theosophical solutions regarding our three “hot topics” together:

  • Go from above, below:
    Review, Study and Contemplation of theosophical thought. The ITC Website offers reading material along these lines. These readings represent the theosophical literature that has been contributed by the membership and will be of help in understanding and solving these problems from a Theosophical Perspective
  • Go from below, above:
    Survey your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and, yes, the Internet, to discover what contemporary and cultural views exist concerning the nature of the three hot topics, why they are difficult for our contemporary society to solve, and what are thought in our culture to be the solutions to these problems.
  • Bring the fruits of both approaches:
    • Be prepared to present in the study circles, a 2 minute offering of the fruits and findings of both your survey of what our culture thinks are solutions to these hot topics and of your reading of theosophical literature
    • Be prepared to go on a Spiritual Journey, in the Ocean of Theosophical Knowledge, to rediscover the Timeless Wisdom and its Laws, the Panacea, which can be applied to heal all wounds, and calm all distress providing a clear view and understanding of life’s purpose

We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”
– Thomas Paine