Theosophists frequently ask themselves why Theosophy is not better known to the world at large. It is a given fact that knowledge spreads best through examples. Examples are most wanted where people find themselves in troublesome situations. Our task is to show that Theosophy offers ‘the solution of every problem’*.

Last year, towards the conclusion of our ITC 2017 Philadelphia conference, we committed ourselves to a challenge. ITC members chose three hot topics around the central theme “What is a life worth living?”:

  • religious intolerance,
  • end of life issues and
  • depression.

We collected relevant readings on these topics, and thanks to the hard work of several members these are now available for all to study.

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With the fruits of this study and contemplation on the subjects, teachings and principles, we will gather in the city of Berlin, starting on July 26. There, we will work in togetherness, harnessing the unique genius of the various Theosophical streams, by translating the timeless teachings of Theosophy into modern language, and putting them in the context of each topic. We will focus on a particular topic daily, and develop a ‘product of communication’, a solution that can be offered. Theosophical branches can use these ideas to reach out to the general public.

By doing so we show the application and truth of Theosophy, helping people to recognize the Wisdom that lies hidden in their hearts.

Join us to make this challenge a success!


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*) The Letter of The Maha Chohan