It’s time that Theosophy should enter the arena.”
The Maha Chohan

Those who attended the ITC Conference in Philadelphia last year heard a clear mandate from the participants: It is time we take cross-pollination to a higher, different and even more relevant level!

We can do this by actually working together, gathering, reading, and examining theosophical truths, to uncover the timeless wisdom inherent within. We can then apply this wisdom, using modern terms, in practical ways, thereby providing possible solutions for humanity’s perplexing problems. These thoughts together came to be called “The Philadelphia Declaration” which reads as follows:

We commit ourselves to facilitate the creation of working conferences harnessing the unique genius of the various theosophical streams, by:

  1. Identifying suffering/hot topics that need a solution from theosophical perspective
  2. Studying and contemplating the theosophical teachings and selecting the relevant principles
  3. Translating these into modern language/ putting these into context
  4. Developing pure and simple applications (products)
  5. Inspire, encourage or facilitate theosophical branches or organizations to enter the arena*, to offer these solutions

In The Great Master’s Letter, the Teacher declares that, “To be true, religion and philosophy must offer the solution of every problem–and if our doctrines will show their competence to offer it, then the world will be the first to confess that there must be the true philosophy, the true religion, the true light, which gives the truth and nothing but the truth.” This year, the ITC membership has indicated by popular request that we work together to find solutions to the following three “hot topics”:

  1. Religious intolerance
  2. End of life issues
  3. Depression

Our noble task is to suggest/reveal how theosophy, through its principles and knowledge, might deal with, or find possible solutions to these pressing and poignant problems of life.

We will accomplish this by harnessing the unique genius of the variously affiliated students of Theosophy, collectively and cooperatively through our process of cross pollination, which is a sharing, and a deepened communication. This new level of cross-pollination promises to offer a higher level of creativity and outcome than most conferences. Likewise, participants will be able to optimize their ability to contribute and receive by a greater level of engagement and preparation.