We invite members of ITC to share why they support ITC! This is the first story.

I was asked to give my ideas in just a few lines, so here they come:

International Theosophy Conferences (ITC) is a unique platform for the exchange of ideas and best practices on how to spread Theosophy and make it – as was requested by the Masters – a living power in the world. Cooperation beyond organizational borders, building an atmosphere of trust and understanding, learning from each other – these are prerequisites for a Universal Brotherhood in practice. If we want to form that nucleus of Universal Brotherhood for which the Society was founded, we must start with ourselves and thus be an example for the world. Let’s just do it…

And you? Member or not yet member of ITC – what are your ideas about it, why do you support ITC? Do you also have a few lines for us?

– Sieglinde Plocki

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