Oh Bianca and all of the ITC team!!!

Although I’m not there in person at the ITC, just watching (still) from afar and yet not a member, I have been so deeply moved by the ambiance, that true SPIRIT of family I am feeling JUST watching and participating in my mind in the discussions, your ‘harvests, and the ongoing contributions of all present AND with such lightness, humour, inclusion and such depth.

I feel invigorated, blissed, full of joy, feeling lightness and deep connection and inspiration of purpose, to continue this work in our little corner of the planet knowing we truly are all one, there is no ‘other’, but just another part, another expression, another jigsaw piece, humble yet significant at the same time. 

The Convention truly is all TOS, the most beautiful ‘living’ of our first object, brotherhood with all living beings that are the universe as a whole and in the smallest atom.

I watched Eugene’s presentation on ‘depression’ last year and as a retired ‘psychotherapist’ using art as meditative medium I was smiling in total resonance with his therapeutic approach of connecting, contracting, validating, and questioning the reality of ‘who am I’ from a Theosophical perspective yet not teaching/lecturing/distanced philosophising or ‘diagnosing’, but with true mutually shared interest and ‘with-ness’. 

Just beautiful.

I was also deeply moved by the tribute to Jim and Sally, who I don’t know, but whose tributes had me ‘feel’ who and what they represented and left as a legacy to us ‘of how tos’ of this work, all irrespective of whether we knew them or not. They certainly live on by these tributes energetically, with all of your accounts of your experiences of and with these two souls.

Again THANK YOU from afar!
Thank you to TS America for hosting.
Thank you to Tim Boyd for having the vision of helping to bring us all together again as ONE.
Thank you ALL for the practically focussed think tanks so that ALL MAY SIMPLY LIVE and grow to their full potential, as we also change our convenience focussed life styles of over consumption and one time use of plastics at all our meetings, conventions and in our private lives and homes. I appreciated that inference from the ‘harvests’. This convention certainly sets the tone of awakening for truly ‘living’ custodianship and ‘brotherhood’ in Oneness in ALL. We all are ‘nature‘ after all, interdependent on the balance of this big organism that is our planet that is the universe, the immeasurable.

THANK YOU, thank you! A deep NAMASKAR to you all!

Esther Pockrandt
Sunshine Coast,
Queensland, Australia