To help each other to study and prepare, we invite you to share important excerpts from the theosophical literature regarding this topic. The readings will be made available on our website in the months preceding the conference.

Submission guidelines

  1. Divide the literature fragments or whole articles you send into three groups, according to the three subjects/questions of day 1; day 2; day 3.
    Day 1: What is nature from the theosophical perspective?
    Day 2: What is harmony from the theosophical perspective?
    Day 3: Why is humanity or mind the key?
  2. Send a balanced variety of selections from Theosophical teachings and from other sources, ancient and/or modern, in accordance with the teachings of H.P. Blavatsky and her Masters (see our ‘Naarden Declaration’).
  3. In a Theosophical study of Harmony in Nature we discover that Nature has many layers or levels: an outer, physical world; an astral-emotional level; a mental level; and a wisdom-level, etc. Theosophy includes not only the horizontal interdependence of Nature, but a vertical interdependence as well. Planet Earth has many ‘Climates’. So while searching for helpful literature it is perhaps not enough to concentrate only on the harmony/ecology of the outer world. Please search also for literature about harmony and humanity’s responsibility on the other three levels of Nature.
  4. When you have found a good, short fragment in a longer article, and believe that the whole article is helpful for this Conference, please send in the whole article and highlight your short fragment. We will place the short fragment on the website in the main “readings” section, plus a link to the whole article. Also, if you are aware of a translation of that short paragraph and/or article into Portuguese and/or Spanish, please send in that as well.

Please email your contributions to ITC Secretary, Bianca Peeters ( by March 1st to allow time for translation into Portuguese and Spanish.