After the ITC conference in August, ITC’s Board met three times; on September 29th, October 28th and November 18th.

Resolved during the Board meetings

  • ITC closed the conference in Philadelphia off with a positive balance of $942.00. This enables us to pay annual costs for accountancy and do a down payment for the venue for ITC 2018.
  • The Board discussed evaluations of ITC 2017 that were sent in by members. The Board will use suggestions made to improve the ITC 2018 program:
    • Add one day to the program in order to create less full days;
    • Look for a location where participants can stay overnight, to create more cohesion;
    • Develop a program that is in line with the Philadelphia declaration, that is to create a problem solving oriented conference in which participants study and work to create tools that can help people to make decisions on life’s challenges.
  • The meaning of the word cross-pollination was discussed because this is not always understood correctly. Cross-pollination at ITC means that participants and members help each other to understand Theosophy and learn from each other how this wisdom can be best spread broadcast to those who do not know Theosophy yet. Cross-pollination includes the contacts between the theosophical organizations. You can read examples of recent exchange further on in this newsletter.
  • The Board chose a venue in Berlin for ITC 2018. The conference dates are not in August this year, but in July. this decision was made since another international theosophical conference had been scheduled very near our yearly conference time in August and we wished to minimize conflict between the two for participants.
  • The Board has discussed the possible theme and subjects that can be addressed during the ITC 2018 conference. In the November meeting the conference title (“What is a life worth living?”) was chosen.
  • The board is working on adapting the conference structure to the working conference focus for 2018.

The production of the ITC 2017 publication in progressing, several board members work together with the Santa Barbara group and the TSPL in The Hague to finalize transcriptions and edits of the contributions.