Structure of ITC 2018

To address these concerns, the overall conference structure of ITC 2018 involves the forming of small circles (i.e. groups) focused on these Hot Topics. Those assembled in the circles will clarify current world views concerning the topics, while exploring and developing solutions in light of theosophical principles, doctrines and articles which are to be reviewed prior to the conference, in order to be properly prepared.

The circles will share their findings in larger plenary sessions for full participants’ feedback and modifications as needed.

This phase will be followed by the development of theosophical solutions, concerning our Hot Topics, in writing, along with the means for their application, expressed in contemporary terminology, in the light of modern day potentials and technology.

This is our hope and wish for ITC 2018 and its conclusion. Of course, any organically developed outcome can only be offered as a submission, something to be shared as a possible way of relieving the suffering in the world to a certain extent, using both a Theosophical approach and Theosophical Wisdom.