From July 20 until July 24 the 22nd the International School of Theosophy took place at the Theosophical Institute near Brasilia, Brazil.

Fernando de Torrijos (TS-Adyar), originally from Spain but now living in the USA.

Barend Voorham (TS-Point Loma, The Hague) from the Netherlands.
Theme title: “Be a Lamp upon Yourself”.

Fernando de Torrijos has years of experience with psychiatric patients whom he helps by teaching meditation. He inspired the attendees to meditate with him.

The lectures of Barend Voorham were based on the Seven Jewels of Wisdom. After each lecture he asked three questions, which were enthusiastically discussed in small groups.

It was a unique occasion with presenters from two Theosophical mainstreams. On the photo, taken after the closure of the sessions, from left to the right: Marcos de Resende, president of the Sociedade Teosofica do Brasil (Adyar), Barend Voorham and Fernando de Torrijos.